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Get ready for action as you hear signals that you may never have heard before. The DJ-G7 tunes 0.530-1299.995MHz continuously (cellular blocked), and you can enjoy full duplex receive in combination with the amateur 144/430/1200MHz bands. AM and WFM modes allow you to hear the aviation and broadcast bands and with the broadcast preset memories and built-in AM bar antenna radio listening is easier than ever. Enjoy a variety of scan modes and options that include Time -set scan, 50 pairs of programmable scan memories, Timing adjustable priority scanning and presence of on air signals with Alinco's patented channel-scope. There are also two modes of bug detector functions.
*Restrictions may apply to frequency combinations for Full-duplex QSO.

Customize the DJ-G7 to your personal preferences. Set the parameters to suit your needs and likes. Choose the display language (English/Japanese,) lamp function and display contrast and brightness. Select Auto-Power Off / Battery save function. Turn sounds (beep, bell, end beep) on or off. Set the transmitter for VOX / TOT / BCLO. Control the DTMF burst timing, link your scan banks, set priority scan-timing and memory skip functions and more. Personalize the DJ-G7 to make it, "YOUR DJ-G7".
ALINCO DJ-G7T Features
  • Simultaneous full duplex operation of any two bands 144MHz, 430MHz, 1200MHz
  • Internal VOX
  • Large LCD full dot matrix screen with easy to see and understand display
  • Rugged polycarbonate body resists dirt and dust
  • High-grade water-resistant materials compatible to IPX7
  • Die-cast chassis for rugability and to keep the RF-PA cool.
  • Twin "user assignable" controls with easy to use knobs for adjusting AF output and Squelch levels.
  • 39 CTCSS and 104 DCS encode/decode. Tone scan to detect unknown tones.
  • DTMF Auto-dialer for autopatch access. Up to 16 characters per group in 9 groups.
  • SMA antenna port for external antenna use.
  • Auto Power-Off, Bell, End-beep, Battery Save function, BCLO and more
  • Newly designed EBC-23 Swing belt clip
  • High-Capacity EBP-73 Li-ion 1200mAh battery and Drop-In charger are standard.
  • Keypad selectable wide / narrow bandwidth and mic gain External DC power port supports 13.8V DC for mobile operation.
  • Cloning capability between DJ-G7T units or through PC (optional cable needed)
  • Auto-repeater* and conventional repeater operation * For USA repeater systems
  • Direct frequency input through illuminated keypad
  • 1000 Memory Channels with programmable memory banks
  • A free utility software available from ERW-4C or 7 and EDS-10 or 14 required for a PC connection. Use EDS-11 for cable-cloning.
Frequency Coverage

T-version TX: 144.000 - 147.995MHz / 430.000 - 449.995MHz / 1240.000 - 1299.995MHz
Sub-band RX: 0.530 -1299.995MHz
(Cellular frequencies 824.000 - 849.995MHz, 869.000 - 894.995MHz blocked on T-version )


TX: F2D/F3E (RX only:WFM,AM)

Programmable channels

1000 channels + 1 call channel per ham bands+50 programmed-scan pairs+100 dual-memory+100 priority+100 search-pass

Antenna Impedance

50 ohm unbalanced

Frequency stability


Power supply requirement

DC 7.4V (EBP-73 Li-Ion battery pack) / DC 9 - 16V (external regulated source)

Current drain (Approx.)

TX approx. 1.6A/144MHz, 1.8A/430MHz, 0.8A/1200MHz
RX approx. 200mA
Battery save (1:4) approx. average: Dual 56mA / Single 50mA

Usable temperature range

+14°F to 113°F (-10°C to +45°C.)



Dimensions (Projections not included/approx.)

(W x H x D Projections exclusive): 60 x 115 x 30 mm or 2.36 x 4.53 x 1.18 in.


(Antenna/EBP-73 inclusive): Approx. 296 g /9.55 oz



Output power

DC13.8V: 222MHz 5/2/1/0.3W, 902MHz 2.5/1/0.3W

Modulation system

Variable reactance

Spurious emissions

Less than -60dB

Max. frequency deviation


Mic Impedance

2k Ohms

Receive system

Double-conversion super heterodyne (NFM,AM)
Single-conversion super heterodyne (WFM)

Intermediate frequencies

Main-band: 51.65MHz / 450KHz
Sub-band: 50.75MHz / 450KHz
Sub-band WFM 10.7MHz


144/430MHz ham-radio bands -15dBu or better
1200MHz ham-radio band -13dBu or better

Sub-band receiver (Best values):
AM (10dB S/N):
Lower than 50MHz -1dBu
50MHz and above -6dBu
FM (12dB SINAD):
30-470MHz -15dBu
470MHz and above -7dBu
76-470MHz -6dBu
470MHz and above -3dBu


AM/FM -6dB 12KHz or more / -60dB 35KHz or less
WFM -6dB 130KHz or more / -60dB 300KHz or less

Audio output power

400mW (8ohm 10%THD)

  • EBP-73 Li-Ion Battery Pack 1200mAh 7.4V
  • EDC-173 Drop-In Charger stand
  • EDC-170 AC Adapter for EDC-173 charger (not for AC operation)
  • EA-163 Antenna
  • EBC-23 Handstrap
    (Please be advised that EDH-35 dry-cell case is not included in the packages.)
  • EDH-35 dry-cell case
  • EDC-36 Cigarette Cable with filter
  • EDC-43 Cigarette Cable with charger
  • EDS-10/EDS-14 Plug Conversion Cable
  • EDS-11 Cloning Cable
  • EME-32A Earphone/Mic (heavy duty)
  • EMS-62 Speaker Mic
  • ERW-4C PC Interface Cable (Serial)
  • ERW-7 or ERW15 USB Programming Data Cable
  • ESC-50 Soft Case
  • RT Systems (APK-G7) Programming software pack

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