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The new DJ-NX40 is a rugged simple-to-operate NXDN digital or conventional SCPC transceiver employing FDMA 4-level FSK modulation
and the NXDN protocol, featuring true 6.25kHz spectrum efficiency, higher
security and superior audio clarity. DJ-NX40 features include professional
grade specs such as 0.7W audio output, 1.5ppm frequency stability, selectable TX output of 1W or 5W; keep in touch for retail, construction, factory, warehouse, in a theme-park, shopping mall, exhibition hall, hotel… offering instant, reliable and secure business communications, the DJ-NX40 is a cost-effective way to migrate smoothly from legacy analog to cutting-edge digital technology!
ALINCO DJ-NX40T Highlights
  • IP67 Dust-tight and Waterproof Protection - While the case is compact, DJ-NX40 has rugged construction providing protection against water, dust and other undesired elements. The radio is also tested to MIL-STD 810 for vibration and shock to survive in harsh conditions.
  • Built-in Motion Sensor - Its compact 2.24 x 3.88 x 1.89 inches
    body weighs only 11.04 ounces inclusive of antenna and a standard high-capacity 2650 mAH Li-Ion battery pack.
  • Compact and Lightweight - Li-Ion pack, desktop quick-charger and high-performance whip antenna
  • Made-in-Japan utilizing state-of-the-art technology and quality - The DJ-NX40 has been designed in our Osaka Headquarters, assembled at our ISO14001/9001 certified factory in Toyama, Japan.
ALINCO DJ-NX40T Features
  • 5W/1W selectable output further extends battery life when needed
  • Variety of operational confirmation beeps and alarm sounds
  • 32,767 digital scrambling codes
  • Compatible with NXDN 64 RAN (Radio Access Numbers), individual
    & group calling.
  • Over-The-Air Alias (TX only)
  • Paging Call and Status Messaging
  • Remote Monitor
  • Monitoring own voice (sidetone) through an earphone while transmitting
  • VOX, APO, BCLO, TOT, STUN, KILL, Reverse and more for practical
    simplex and semi-duplex operations
  • Large backlit highly visible dot-matrix LCD
  • Water-tight 12-pin accessory port Includes a high-capacity Li-ion pack,
    rapid charger, rugged metal belt clip and an efficient high performance
    whip antenna
  • EDC-196 charges EBP-89/2650 mAH Li-ion pack in 4.5 hrs max, and
    lasts up to 12 hrs.
  • Conventional mode only. DJ-NX40 does NOT support Type-C/D Trunking.
  • F3E Analog mode is also supported , but not usable in USA due to restriction applied
Frequency Coverage

450.00-512 MHz

Tx Output

5W/ 1W

Channel Capacity


Channel Spacing

6.25 KHz (Digital) : 12.5 KHz (Analog)


4K00F1E 6.25KHz single ch. voice
4K00F1D 6.25KHz single ch. data
4K00F7W 6.25KHz single ch. data & Voice
11K0F3E analog voice

Frequency stability


Analog Deviation



Dig. @6.25KHz 0.22uV (3%BER): An. 0.2uV (12dB SINAD)



Spurious Emission


Spurious Response


FM hum-noise ana. @12.5KHz


Audio Distortion


Audio Output

700mW/ 8 ohm

Operating voltage

7.5V DC normal

Battery life

approx. 12hrs with EBP-89 + optional packs

Operating temperature

-4°F~140°F (-20°C~ +60°C)

Charging temperature

32°F~104°F (0°C~ +40°C)

Battery Type

2650mAH (Li-ion) - EBP-89 (Standard)

Dimension w/BATT.(ANT)

2.24W x 3.88H x 1.89D inches (6.10in w/ANT)


approx. 11.04 ounce

Applicable Std. MIL-STD & IP

MIL-810G Vibration 514.6/I , Shock 516.6/I,IV,
IP67 body with EBP-89/EBP-81/EBP-82

  • EBP-89 Li-Ion Battery Pack 2650mAh 7.4V
  • EA-235 Antenna
  • EBC-27 Belt-clip
  • EDC-196R Charging cradle/stand
  • EDC-285 AC Adapter
  • EME-61 Earphone Microphone (VOX capable)
  • EME-24 Earphone Microphone
  • EMS-60 Speaker-microphone
  • ERW-8 or ERW16 USB Programming Data cable
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