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Full of advanced features, the DJ-500 offers landmobile-grade operation
and powerful 5W output. CTCSS, DTMF, DCS and 5-tones are standard,
along with a variety of tone bursts for repeater access or selective calling.
Convenience features include direct frequency input, alphanumeric channel labels and 200 memory channels that can each store operating parameters.

A Li-Ion battery pack and a stand charger are standard, adding power and convenience. The DJ-500 looks simple, but remember, looks can be deceiving! The DJ-500 places one of the world's most advanced transceivers at your command, at ALINCO's affordable price!

ALINCO DJ-500T Features
  • Large, dot-matrix, 3 color-selectable display and keypad
  • Semi-Duplex dual-band, V/V-U/U and FM broadcast receiver
  • 200 memory channels, any mix of VHF/UHF
  • Internal VOX
  • Alphanumeric channel labels
  • Direct frequency input from keypad
  • Landmobile-grade signaling features
  • Variety of scanning modes
  • IP54 dust/splash proof, MIL-SPEC vibration/shock compliant
  • Wide and narrow FM TX/RX1
  • 12Vdc input using an optional cigar-socket adapter.
  • Wire cloning capability
Frequency range: [TX] 144-148MHz. 420-450MHz
[RX] 136-174MHz, 400-480MHz
Modulation: F3E(16K0F3E / 11K0F3E / RX only WFM)
Frequency step: 2.5, 5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 20, 25, 30 and 50 KHz
Memory channel: 200 memory channels in total + 1 call channel/band + 1 Repeater-Access parameter memory/band
Antenna impedance: 50 ohm unbalanced
Frequency stability: ±2.5ppm
Supply voltage: 7.4V (Battery)
Current consumption:
(Typical value)
1400mA TX / 300mA receive at Max audio output 70mA squelched
Temperature range: -4°F~131°F (-20°C ~ +55°C)
Ground: Negative
Dimensions: 2.32W×3.86H×1.38D in (59.0W×98.0H×35.0D mm)
Approx. 227g or 8.01oz inclusive of battery pack and antenna
Power output: Approx.5 / 2.5 / 1W
Modulation: Variable reactance FM
Spurious emission: -60dB or less
Max. deviation: FM : +/- 5KHz NFM: +/- 2.5KHz
System: Direct-conversion
Sensitivity: Wide -12dBu / Narrow -9dBu
Intermediate frequency: 1st IF 38.85MHz 2nd IF 450kHz
Selectivity: -6dB : Wide 12kHz /Narrow 10kHz or more
-60dB :Wide 30kHz / Narrow 24kHz or less
AF output: 1W (10% distortion)
  • EBP-87 Li-ion Battery Pack 1500mAh 7.4V
  • EDC-189 Li-Ion Rapid Charger
  • EDC-146 AC Adapter
  • EA-228 Antenna
  • EBC-34 Beltclip
  • User Manual
  • EBP-88 Li-ion Battery 1700mAh 7.4V Belt clip not included.
  • EDC-198 Mobile DC charging cable
  • EDH-40 Mobile DC cable
  • EME-56AEarphone Microphone
  • EMS-76 Speaker Microphone
  • ERW-7 or ERW-15 USB Programming Data cable

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